Mantel Farm

Our shop is open 2 days a week:
  • Friday and Sunday
  • 10am - 4pm

Mantel Farm is a family run smallholding shop & animal boarding service in the heart of the East Sussex Countryside, selling Poultry, Beekeeping Equipment, Wildfowl, Pigs & Small Pets, Animal Housing, Runs, Animal Supplies, Feed & Equipment.

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@MantelFarm Oct 25, 19:02

Treat your bantams to our new treat mix: 1.5kg bag for £1.75 or 5kg bah for £4.50

@MantelFarm Oct 18, 13:45

New: scraper for cleaning the chicken house £6.50

@MantelFarm Oct 11, 11:45

Now available: 5ltr Poultry Shield just £32.50

@MantelFarm Sep 27, 20:45

Poultry Shield and Hand Sprayer Offer: Just £10 for both

@MantelFarm Sep 09, 16:37

25% off the next Beekeeping evening: Fri Sep 30th. Tea, coffee and home made cake. Just £49.50 @Larus_Argentus

@MantelFarm Sep 01, 16:10

25% discount of our next Beekeeping evening: Friday Sept 30th. now just £49.50

@MantelFarm Aug 21, 16:20

Chicks growing up? Chick Crumb and Growers Pellets: both for just £7

@MantelFarm Aug 15, 19:20

Beat the mite: Poultry shield and sprayer for just £10

@MantelFarm Aug 01, 19:10

Flock of 16 young hybrid hens available for just £160

@MantelFarm Jul 27, 20:15

Try our lovely new animal carriers, eco friendly and just £3.50 each

@MantelFarm Jul 12, 18:05

Our new flock of hybrid hens are available from this Friday £16 each.

@anameescapesme Jul 12, 12:22

@MantelFarm new carrier approved by Wally well worth £3:50! #duck #chicken holiday here he comes 😄

@MantelFarm Jul 12, 12:21

Glad to see Wally approves! Hope a quacking holiday is had by all :-) @anameescapesme

@MantelFarm Jul 09, 14:15

Our next Beginning your Beekeeping Course is nearly here - book your places for the 16th and 17th July

@MantelFarm Jun 24, 17:50

New: Dust trays for quail, just £6.50 with a free bag of dust

@MantelFarm Jun 19, 09:50

Quail make great little back garden farm animals, only needing a little room and laying lots of tasty eggs

@MantelFarm Jun 16, 18:40

Bees need our help: If you find a swarm of bees call our experienced beekeepers to find them a new home

@MantelFarm Jun 12, 14:35

Why not book a place on our next 'basics of chicken keeping' course? Thursday 16th June at 7pm

@MantelFarm Jun 09, 08:30

We are at the South of England Show; if you visit look out for the chickens!

@MantelFarm Jun 06, 19:10

Unsure of the new rodent legislation? let us provide a plan for your plot for just £25

@MantelFarm May 24, 18:35

Evening Beekeeping Course: Friday 24th June, Spend an enjoyable evening finding out about beekeeping

@MantelFarm May 17, 20:31

Poultry Zest on special offer, just £4.50. While st ocks last

@MantelFarm May 10, 19:25

Our little quail will be available again from Friday, just £9.50

@MantelFarm May 06, 11:35

Subscribe to home farmer magazine to receive information about all things for garden farming and smallholding needs!

@MantelFarm May 05, 10:40

We have some new faces in the shop - please welcome Josh and Andrew

@MantelFarm May 03, 11:25

Lots of lovely Pekin hens and Hybrid hens available again from Friday

@MantelFarm Mar 29, 16:19

Pekin Bantam hens now available in shop or online approx 10 weeks old vaccinated £30.00 each

@MantelFarm Mar 25, 16:30

Special offer Diatom Powder 350g NOW JUST £2.50, 2kg NOW JUST £8.00 natural parasite control

@MantelFarm Mar 08, 17:00

Special offer on this Month's Product Feature. Verm-X Natural Intestinal Control in Animals

@MantelFarm Mar 08, 10:47

If @eddieizzard likes to be covered in bees we're in @Bexhill_On_Sea for Beekeeping Courses