Mantel Farm

Our shop is open 2 days a week:
  • Friday and Sunday
  • 10am - 4pm

Mantel Farm is a family run smallholding shop & animal boarding service in the heart of the East Sussex Countryside, selling Poultry, Beekeeping Equipment, Wildfowl, Pigs & Small Pets, Animal Housing, Runs, Animal Supplies, Feed & Equipment.

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@MantelFarm May 24, 12:14

Thanks all who attended #SussexBeeFestival a great event! ITV interviewed Amanda Millar & others. Spot Mantel Farm?…

@MantelFarm May 24, 11:53

There is a lovely article involving Mantel Farm in the May/June issue of the #FSB #EastSussex the voice magazine…

@MantelFarm May 24, 10:25

Help to support your local businesses in #Bexhill #Hastings #Battle #Eastbourne #EastSussex boost your community's…

@MantelFarm Apr 26, 17:00

Some rather interesting #graffiti in #bexhill on the railway arch by glyne gap #savethebees @Bexhill_On_Sea

@MantelFarm Apr 26, 11:08

If you've done some research and know about #neonic pesticides, we recommend signing this petition #savethebees

@MantelFarm Apr 25, 17:44

#Chickens Free Ranging at Mantel Farm following the recent #Defra update on avian influenza - happy chickens!

@MantelFarm Apr 19, 11:39

Plenty of #bees pollinating going on here too, hoping for the same good summer vibes :) 🌻💐☀️

@MantelFarm Apr 19, 11:30

A good read... "Acting as an interface between the nation’s future farmers and planning authorities, the ELC is..."

@MantelFarm Apr 18, 12:52

#beekeeping course Fri 21 April - Informal evening with highly experienced #beekeeper & free honey cake!…

@MantelFarm Apr 18, 11:51

Good news for all #chickens and #poultry keepers! (insight by

@MantelFarm Apr 18, 10:37

Thx 4 this! Just signed up @commun_it seems like a useful tool. We'll b approaching @monthlyseagull soon 4 advertis…

@MantelFarm Apr 14, 11:00

Introduce POL #Pekins to your garden. Tasty eggs. Guaranteed hens. Vaccinated. Available in many colours…

@MantelFarm Apr 12, 17:14

@1066Tweets @Bexhill_On_Sea @dv8sussex @BexhillHive Looks great, just around the corner from my relatives. So cool…

@MantelFarm Apr 12, 17:00

Sustainable living #podcast, something to listen to whilst #cooking or in the #bath or just relaxing this…

@MantelFarm Apr 12, 16:55

@homefarmer Mmmm.... roll on #Summer2017 ☀️ 🍦

@MantelFarm Apr 12, 16:53

@homefarmer Great article! My other half gets #hayfever quite badly and it's #allotment time which means lots of di…

@MantelFarm Apr 12, 16:33

Mantel Farm Shop will be open as usual this Good Friday & #Easter Sunday 10am-4pm for all your #ChickenKeeping supp…

@MantelFarm Apr 12, 16:25

@SimonNewstead @Bexhill_On_Sea Go Jimmy go! Well done, can't wait for the draw at 10am on Friday. First Marco Fu, t…

@MantelFarm Apr 12, 10:28

Lets see if we can help find & record any solitary #bees in #Sussex for quite little is kno…

@MantelFarm Apr 11, 11:45

Need a refresher #beekeeping course. An informal evening spent with other new #beekeepers @DaveGoulson @1066Tweets

@MantelFarm Apr 08, 15:14

A cleaning pack to help keep your #chickens clean & healthy this #spring Give your hens' ho…

@MantelFarm Apr 08, 14:47

#easter #eggdecorating #competition Enter our free prize draw. Win an Easter basket full of goodies…

@MantelFarm Mar 29, 16:15

@misssimssays Fantastic to hear he's doing his job well!

@misssimssays Mar 29, 16:12

Our brave little cockerel from @MantelFarm just chased off a chancing young Vixen. Whilst his hens forage he keeps watch to sound alarm!

@MantelFarm Mar 22, 17:00

Great to see your #bantams #chickens doing so great in their new home! We love watching ours get up to mischief -…

@MantelFarm Mar 22, 16:58

Ever thought about keeping Bantams? Great pets for children. Friendly, cuddly, fun, they always make us smile!

@MantelFarm Mar 22, 15:24

Bantam Chickens At Mantel Farm: via @YouTube

@MantelFarm Mar 15, 16:27

A couple of our Geese telling us how happy they are about the gorgeous weather.

@MantelFarm Mar 15, 15:29

"What If Humans Had A Bee Brain?" Something we ask ourselves on a regular basis! Fascinating article to ponder…